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Brian Geisinger

While he could probably do the job of the news director (who JUST got got on snapchat last week) better than him, for now Brian is working for Sports Channel 8 because he can work from home and they agreed to pay for half of his NBA League Pass. Next he’ll probably either work for his friend’s new bakery in downtown Raleigh or tend bar because at least those places he’ll meet girls. He’s also a Wake Forest fan from Guilford County who went to State.
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From the North Cack Stacks: The Weekly Best in NC Sportswriting

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It’s Wednesday and you know what that means: doughnut day at the SC8 offices. But more importantly, it’s also time for our weekly roundup of North Carolina’s best sportswriting, featuring past and present athletes, coaches, trash talk, beards, and other miscellaneous good stuff. Here we go: Are NFL quarterbacks really struggling to adjust to life on the… Read more »

Who Wore It Better Week 6-Why So Serious?

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The Carolina Panthers quieted their critics on Sunday by rallying for an impressive win against the Seattle Seahawks at CenturyLink Field. Over the last couple of weeks, the national media has deemed the Panther’s undefeated season a joke due to their schedule and declared they will be exposed in Seattle. The Panthers retorted with a… Read more »

Carolina Panthers

What Separates Cam Newton From Russell Wilson?

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The Carolina Panthers and Seattle Seahawks are scheduled for what should be one of the better NFL games on Sunday at 4PM important coast time, and there is no doubt that all of the focus will be on each team’s dynamic quarterback. Both have strong arms, both can be dangerous on the move, and both… Read more »

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What’s going on this weekend in NC sports

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There’s a light slate of games this weekend in the ACC as several teams enjoy the week off, but that doesn’t make this weekend any less important for our favorite local teams. Here’s what you should be watching, and who you should be cheering against. Basketball Pretty much everyone outside of Durham might want to… Read more »

Stat Boi's Track of the Week

Stat Boi’s Track of the Week #2

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Stat Boi is back with his track of the week. This time we’re rewinding a little bit – to like a year ago. No, this isn’t exactly the new, new hotness. However, Run the Jewels is never not in style. Believe that. Last weekend, a small gaggle of my friends descended up Austin, Texas for the second… Read more »