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Josh Goodson

Country strong and city wise, Josh handles imports and exports for the network. He handles a little of this, and a little of that. If something needs to get taken care of at Sports Channel 8, he can take care of it. And if you need a guy, he probably knows a guy. He’s also a State fan from Lenoir County who went to UNC.

Michigan State Effs U: the SC8 Recap

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Who Won: Michigan State beat Miami, 78-58 Why: After looking strong and building an early lead, Miami was absolutely blitzed by a 30-8 Spartan run and never recovered GIF: Hurricanes don’t do so well in Tulsa What will people be talking about?  How Tom Izzo always wins in March even though this was an 8/9 game and… Read more »

Duke rips through Trojans: SC8 Recap

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Who Won: Duke 87, Troy 65 Why: Key stat … Duke: 1 Jayson Tatum, Troy: 0 Jayson Tatums GIF CBS exec: “Chris, we’re going to have you call the UNC and Duke games” Chris Webber: pic.twitter.com/u301Cjnd3y — Ben Swain (@TheBenSwain) March 17, 2017 What will people be talking about? OMG K vs. Wojo maybe? What… Read more »

College Football Betting

Betting the NC teams in NCAA

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The main draw of the 2017 NCAA tournament begins tomorrow. Unfortunately the Wake Forest Demon Deacons bowed out in the “First Four” last night so for research sakes we won’t include them into this.  UNC opens the tournament as a #1 seed against Texas Southern on Friday. The Tar Heels are currently a 26.5 point… Read more »