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Much like Darren Rovell pioneered the “sports biz” industry and almost as beloved, the Weather Moose has blazed new trails in both “sports meteorology” and “moose meteorology.” He is become the trusted source in North Carolina for the answer to all-important question: Is my tailgate going to get rained on. He has also affirmed the credo that a picture is worth 1,000 words but a gif is worth infinity. He’s also a State fan from Johnston County who went to State.

Week 2 ACC Football Giftastic Power Rankings


This past weekend in ACC football really left me disgusted. This league is supposed to be the strongest college football conference and we go out there and look like a bunch of morons. Each time I sat down to do these rankings, it made me sick. So, the week 2 Giftastic ACC Football Power Rankings… Read more »

ACC Football Giftastic Power Rankings – Week 1


Lots of interesting things to watch as the season gets started. How do we feel about your team? Here are the ACC Football Giftastic Power Rankings – Week 1 1. Clemson Listen, you’re the defending national champions. And we haven’t played a game, yet. So I’m keeping you at #1 until something shows me otherwise…. Read more »

Giftastic ACC Preseason Football Predictions


Here are our Giftastic ACC Preseason Football Predictions. Hope you enjoy them. For complaints, email Weather Moose! COASTAL: 1. GEORGIA TECH There has been an ACC Championship game between the divisions since 2005. And since 2005, the Coastal Division representative has either been Virginia Tech or Georgia Tech. VT six times and GT 4 times…. Read more »

SC8 Recap: Duke vs Clemson

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Who Won: Duke defeats Clemson, 79-72 Why: After a sluggish start especially for Luke Kennard who went 1-9 in the first half, Duke scores 46 second half points to break a 33-33 tie at halftime.  GIF: Tatum, Jackson and company make the Tigers feel like this. via GIPHY What will people be talking about? Probably… Read more »

2017 ACC Tournament Photo Gallery – Day 1


ACC Tourney Photos – Day 1 A sampling of shots from the first day of the ACC Tournament. Day 1 NC State vs Clemson: ” order_by=”sortorder” order_direction=”ASC” returns=”included” maximum_entity_count=”500″] Wake Forest vs Boston College: ” order_by=”sortorder” order_direction=”ASC” returns=”included” maximum_entity_count=”500″] 

SC8 Recap: NC State vs Clemson

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SC8 Recap: NC State vs Clemson Who Won: Clemson beat NC State, 75-61 in the ACC Tournament opener for both teams. Why: Clemson out-rebounded NC State by a total of 42 to 38 and committed fewer turnovers. The Tigers ended up taking 19 more shots than NC State which is hard to overcome for any team. GIF:… Read more »

ACC Basketball Giftastic Power Rankings


ACC Basketball Giftastic Power Rankings – 3/2/2017 1. UNC W vs Pitt, L vs Virginia Party time in Chapel Hill! 2. Notre Dame W vs Georgia Tech, W vs BC This can’t be right. *checks math again* 3. Miami W vs Duke, L vs VT You’re good but you’re not this good I don’t even… Read more »