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Brett Thompson

Who to Bet On…Week 3 NC Edition


All seven of the FBS teams in North Carolina are in action this weekend. Our crack research team has come up with some trends for each of the teams to maybe give you some guidance when you call in a play to your guy, if you know a guy. NC State -23 vs Old Dominion… Read more »

Saturday vs. Sunday; Episode 3


Chip and Hayes are back to let you know what games you should be watching this weekend, and which is the better day of football: Saturday vs. Sunday. Which day are you most looking forward to?

Giftastic Recap of UNC at Illinois


Settle in for a Giftastic Recap of UNC at Illionis, who is terrible: UNC’s run defense gives up a 65-yard touchdown on the third play of the game: UNC responds with a Mitch Trubisky scamper to make it 7-7: The UNC defense forces a 3-and-out, but Ryan Switzer muffs a punt for some dumb reason… Read more »

Giftastic Recap of Wake Forest at Duke


Here’s the Giftastic Recap of Wake Forest at Duke, a battle of the privates: Wake’s opening drive goes nowhere, which is exactly where it went vs Tulane: Duke gets the ball and immediately goes on a 17. Play. 60. Yard. Drive. The next 8 drives go as follows: PUNT, FUMBLE, PUNT, PUNT, PUNT, MISSED FIELD… Read more »

Giftastic Schedule Breakdown – ECU

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Giftastic Schedule Breakdown – ECU 9/3/2016 – Western Carolina A nice cupcake rolls into town to get the Montgomery underway with warm and fuzzies. Let’s drink to vic- Oh, you’re way ahead of me there. 9/10/2016 – NC State State brings a talented backfield to Dowdy-Ficklen. Not going to go well. 9/17/2016 – at South… Read more »

Giftastic Schedule Breakdown – UNC


Giftastic Schedule Breakdown – UNC Will UNC repeat as Coastal Division champs and go undefeated in the conference? Let’s take a look. 9/3/2016 – Georgia Let’s hope for our sake it’s more entertaining than the South Carolina game. But they’ll start out 0-1 again. 9/10/2016 – @ Illinois Much rejoicing. 9/17/2016 – James Madison Poor… Read more »