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Brett Thompson

8itorial: Thank you, college basketball season

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Dear 2017 College Basketball Season: What a year we just had. Maybe not the best basketball we’ve ever seen, but the great thing about sports is that the action is only part of the story. Ultimately, a season is a collection of moments that combine to shape our memories, and the good entirely consumes the… Read more »

ACC Tournament Recap: Brooklyn Keeps On Taking It

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Brooklyn was always a Plan B for the ACC when Madison Square Garden was booked, but it honestly couldn’t have worked out any better. MSG is, and always will be the Mecca of basketball, but Manhattan is an island full of tourists and commuters. Manhattan is bright lights and shiny skyscrapers. That’s not the ACC. The… Read more »

NC State job: I wouldn’t touch that take

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With the NC State job officially open, it’s time for everyone to chime in on what Debbie Yow and, by extension, Wolfpack fans should do next. While local media focuses on candidates who would be great at NC State, the national media is leaning towards explaining to Pack fans why they’ll never get any of… Read more »

Today redemption is spelled B-E-L-K

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I’m a Duke football fan. There. I said it. You “but omg you’re media” clowns are going to have to deal with that, because here’s a secret … ALL members of sports media started out as just a fan. And my team just happens to be Duke football. Growing up in Durham, it was always… Read more »

#8Splaining that Grayson Allen Foul

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#8Splaining that Grayson Allen Foul Grayson Allen has once again found himself in the middle of an officiating controversy. Though you may have difficulty remembering, Allen has caught the ire of fans by tripping opposing players. Earlier this year, he sent Louisville’s Ray Spalding and Florida State’s Xavier Rathan-Mayes sprawling to the court. What followed… Read more »

Ron Rivera out? Who comes in? An #8itorial

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Ron Rivera won two NFL Coach of the Year awards and isn’t even a year removed from the best season in franchise history. None of that has anything to do with his future in Charlotte. He’s a very good NFL football coach, and from every report that we’ve ever read, he’s a pretty good guy too. He’s… Read more »

8itorial: WRAL Censors Chappelle’s SNL Appearance


WRAL made headlines for their decision to stick with company policy in censoring parts of Dave Chappelle’s stint on Saturday Night Live, after which they said they’d review their policy. We deal with similar decisions here at SportsChannel8 and wanted to give our thoughts on the situation.